About Us

In our country, with the support of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, producer unions have started to be established within the scope of the Agricultural Producer Unions Law No. 5200, adopted in 2004. Our Producer Association was established with the approval of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, dated 26122008 and numbered 523. During the establishment phase, 17 Seafood Fishers came together. It has been adopted to plan the production foreseen in the law in our Union’s charter according to the demand, to improve the product quality, to deliver products in accordance with the norms and standards applicable to the market, and to take measures to increase the marketing power of the products on a national and international scale.
Activities of our Association
a) To do market researches about the products produced by the members and to have them done.
b) Finding a market for the products of its members and regulating the supply of the products to the market.
c) Providing technical support to its members on production techniques, harvesting, storage and packaging.
d) To assist its members in providing input.
e) To ensure the production of varieties suitable for domestic market and export.
f) To provide training and extension services, to provide consultancy services.
g) To take measures to improve product quality and to apply product standards.
h) To monitor agricultural practices at farm level, to keep records and to issue documents.
i) To ensure the implementation of standards regarding packages and packages.
j) To assist in the storage of products on behalf of its members and, when necessary, to rent a warehouse for this purpose.
k) To carry out activities related to the promotion of products.
l) Keeping all kinds of records regarding the products.
m) nations agreed that the Republic of Turkey from the product or carry out the tasks required by the product-specific common market organization.
n) To organize sample type contracts on behalf of its members within the scope of contractual production and to coordinate related activities.

Full Members
İsmail OĞUZ
Harun KURU
Muharrem HAMZA